Timing Belt Replacement

We are experienced in the replacement of a range of timing belts (cambelts) for various makes and models of vehicles.

Where required, we use genuine manufactures replacement belts, tensioners and water pumps.

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions relating to timing belt replacement.

My car has a water pump driven but the timing belt. Should it be replaced at the same time?

We highly recommend that the water pump on any vehicle where the pump is driven by the timing belt is replaced at the same time as the belt.

The reason for this is straight forward. A vehicle’s water pump seal can leak coolant over time. If the water pump begins to leak a large amount of water, it can contaminate the timing belt, meaning that the belt needs to be replaced again. Replacement a timing belt can be an expensive service item, so for the sake of an addition £50-£70, it is advised to replace the pump at the same time.

Not all vehicles have water pumps that are driven by the timing belt.

How often should I have my cars timing belt replaced?

The recommended replacement varies depending on the manufacturers recommended schedule. This can vary from year to year, and also on engine type.

You should refer to your vehicle’s service manual for more information. Alternatively, we are happy to advise you on the recommended replacement period.

My vehicle has reached the recommended age for timing belt replacement, but hasn’t covered the miles. Should I still have it replaced?

Yes. Rubber components can perish over time and can actually become more perished under low mileage driving. Therefore, it’s accepted practice to replace a timing belt as per the manufacturers timescale and/or mileage.

Do you replace pre-tensioners when you replace a timing belt?

Yes. Where it is recommended by the manufacturer to replace the associated pre-tensioners, these are also replaced during the cambelt replacement process.

How much does it cost to have a timing belt replaced?

The cost of a replacement timing belt depends on the time it takes to fit the belt, the cost of the parts, and whether you require genuine manufacturers or OE specification parts.

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