Volkswagen Specialist

We are a Volkswagen Specialist independent garage based in the heart of Essex, on the A120 between Colchester and Braintree.

Our senior technicians have many years of experience working on the full range of Volkswagen vehicles, providing professional servicing at a fraction of the cost of main dealers.

Genuine Volkswagen Parts

We have access to thousands of genuine VW parts and receive two deliveries daily. This means that if we don’t have a part in stock, we can usually have it on site in less than 24 hours.

Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OE) parts

In addition to access to thousands of genuine parts, we also have a catalogue of high-quality OE specification car parts produced by quality brands such as Bosch, Sachs, Brembo, Pagid, NGK and Moog.

Quality oils and lubricants

Volkswagen vehicles rely on quality oils, such as low SAPS 5w/30 engine oil. We only use the correct brand and quality oils when maintaining VW vehicles.

Volkswagen fault diagnostics

We are able to provide a diagnostic service for the owners of Volkswagen vehicles, using various experience and computerised techniques.