Electric Car MOT Test

The Electric Car MOT Test is becoming much more common as drivers move away from conventional combustion engines in favour of cleaner technology.

According to the RAC, electric car sales in the UK have risen dramatically in recent years, with sales of pure electric vehicles increasing by 14% year-on-year in 2018.

Whilst the MOT test for electric vehicles covers the same items than for a combustion or hybrid vehicle, there are some differences in the way in which the car is examined.

Can and MOT test centre charge more for an electric car than petrol or diesel?

No, MOT centres cannot charge different prices for vehicles depending on how they are powered. The price for an electric car should be exactly the same as a petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicle.

Does an MOT tester have any additional training to test electric vehicles?

All MOT testers are trained to the same regulations which includes the examination of electric vehicles. Therefore, any MOT tester can test and electric car. Refresher training was carried out in early 2019 and regular updates will continue to be issued by VOSA, as required.